GTU Students can take exams in 1 out of 3 given formats, option to be chosen by 23 July

Arunasish Sen Arunasish Sen
Content Curator

Students of Gujarat Technological University who are studying undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma courses, and who are in their final year, can choose one of three examination options by 23 July. 

The options were made available on 21 July, when GTU issued a circular which contained the directives and guidelines for the summer 2020 examinations for all affiliated colleges.

The students can take the online examination that starts on 30 July, or conventional examination (starting on 17 August). In addition, they also have the choice of taking the special examinations which will be held in September.

The dates for the special examinations have not been announced yet. It must be noted that all examinations will follow the multiple-choice question (MCQ) pattern. Students who do not select any of the three options will be automatically selected for the September examination, which will be held in the conventional pen-and-paper mode.

Students who opt for the online MCQ examination must take a trial test. The dates for the trial tests will be available soon on the official website of GTU.

To take the online examination, candidates have to use laptops, desktops, tablets or mobile phones. A consistent bandwidth of 512 kbps is recommended.