Gujarat University Devises New Rules for Online Examination

Samrat Roy Samrat Roy
Exam Prep Master

Officials say that since the varsity is conducting an online test for the first time, there is a need to develop standards for those caught cheating.

After postponing the Pen-and - Paper Format Exam starting on August 21, 2020 Gujarat University announced that it would hold the online exam first.

The GU's review committee is set to meet today in a bid to decide on a detailed schedule and rules for the online exam. Officials at GU said that, by Friday night, they would declare the rules for the examination and for unfair means.

As many as 70,000 students in the final year of courses such as BCom, BA, BSc, LLB, etc. are expected to attend the exams of one of the oldest universities in Gujarat.

The GU will be conducting an online exam for the first time.

"We 're going to conduct an online exam first. In order to give students the opportunity to take part in the exams, we will also hold another round of online exams and then offline exams-mostly in September. Before the deadline set by UGC, we will also hold special examinations for students affected by Covid-19 in any way and for those who have not taken part in any of the previous exams, "said the official at GU.

A member of the GU admissions committee said that since the varsity is conducting online exams for the first time, there are no rules for those caught cheating.

"We will also discuss and lay down rules for punishment if students are caught cheating on the exams," he said.

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