IIT Kharagpur Placements 2020: 130 Placements Offers Made by 30 Companies on Day 1; Read More

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IIT Kharagpur witnessed an overwhelming response during the pre-placement phase of the recruitment process. IIT Kharagpur students packed 276 Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs) out of 425 8-week internship opportunities with the start of the academic session 2020-21.

The top recruiters offering more than 10 PPOs each are Barclay, Goldman Sachs, Honeywell, Microsoft, MasterCard, Dr Reddy and Tata Steel. According to the official data released by the IIT Kharagpur, approximately 30 companies participated on the first day, extending over 130 placement offers to students in the final year.

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In addition to domestic firms, international firms such as TSMC, Sony-Japan and Cohesity also offered jobs.

Reports also suggest that over 2100 students registered for the 2020-21 academic training course. Out of the total, 1300 are UG/Dual Degree Students. More than 200 companies will be participating in the first phase of the IIT recruitment drive in Kharagpur.

Initially, 25-27 per cent of core companies, 65 per cent software and 10 per cent consulting firms opened up prospects for students.

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Talking about the remarkable response that the institute received from the recruiters, A Rajakumar, Chair of the Career Development Centre, said The key components of this success are the students' excellent technical skills, a flexible online internship plan and a long-standing relationship with the company partners. This is the highest number among all of India's top academic institutions in the top MNCs, despite the current economic situation."

"Excellent student performance and subsequent high turnover of PPOs may have generated overwhelming interest on the part of companies to participate in full-time hiring. It is an encouraging sign for us that companies recognise the hard work of our students, academics, talent and motivation during the internship, and we are pleased that once again the top companies in the country have rested their belief in our students," the official notice said.

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