JNTUA Students will be Promoted with ‘No Credits’

Durgesh Rai Durgesh Rai
Content Curator
JNTUA Students will be Promoted with ‘No Credits’

In light of the prevailing situation, JNTU Ananthapur has taken a major decision to promote the Engineering students without credits.

JNTU Ananthapur has reported to the Higher Education Council regarding the exams and is going to cancel the credits system as soon as approval arrives from the state government.

In Ananthapur, 1.20 lakh students are obtaining Engineering from JNTUA in various associated colleges in Kurnool, YSR Kadapa, Chittor, and Potti Sriramulu Nellore District.

Earlier, the university has scheduled the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year’s 2nd semester regular, 4th-year 1st-semester supplementary examinations in May/June months. 

However, due to lock down the university is unable to conduct either classes or examinations. 

The university has also approached the Higher Education Council with a decision to promote the students without credits. The University has also mentioned that the examinations will be rescheduled after the complete lifting of lockdown. 

If the Higher Education Council grants approval, the university will promote the students without credits.

Overall 176 credits have been allotted for 4 years of B.Tech. The credits are classified as, 42 credits 1st year 2 semesters, 45 credits for 1.2 semesters in 2nd year, 45 credits for 1.2 semesters in 3rd year, and 44 credits for 1.2 semesters in the 4th year. 1st-year students will be directly promoted to 2nd year. While students have to score 25 credits out of 64 credits before entering into 3rd year. 

Otherwise, students will be detained in the 3rd-year 1st semester. Likewise, students who are entering into the 4th year 1st semester have to score at least 43 credits out of 86 credits. 

Students will be promoted to next year only if they secure the required credits, otherwise, students will be detained. While, due to lockdown, students will be promoted to the next classes without considering the credit score.