KSOU Mysore Regains Credibility from Karnataka Government

Meghdeepa Mondal Meghdeepa Mondal
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KSOU Mysore Regains Credibility from Karnataka Government

Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) that offers 400 courses was derecognised by University Grants Commission (UGC) after a series of scams by its top officials surfaced. 

The Karnataka Government, as of now, has decided to make KSOU which is about 24 years old, the sole distance education provider in the state.

The authorities left no stones unturned to receive recognition in 2017. The following three years saw the university making efforts to regain credibility. At this juncture, the Karnataka Government chose to give a much-needed boost to KSOU. 

CN Ashwath Narayan, Higher Education Minister said, "The credibility of distance education was very less. It was considered that a distance education degree was on sale”. 

Most universities were considering it a revenue-generation model rather than using it to impart quality education. To ensure Karnataka revives the credibility of distance learning, we decided to make KSOU the sole open university." 

With just 5000 students who enrolled in 2017, KSOU is now looking forward to achieving a fresh target of 3 lakh students. Following this, the government also decided to stop 14 of its state-run regular universities from providing distance education. 

Further, the Karnataka government will relaunch distance courses from the current academic year. Students enrolled in distance courses in other universities of Karnataka can complete them.

Narayan added, “Only fresh enrollments will be made under KSOU and no other university can offer ODL. Regular universities need to concentrate on regular education.”

It is believed, in comparison to other universities, KSOU has the potential to manage distance courses better. A KSOU staff said, “From recorded classes to providing education through our own radio channel called Jnanavani, the university has all the resources.”

Leveraging technology, the university has begun its own student and video conferencing applications. 

The applications allow 500 students at a time to attend lectures of KSOU teachers. Further asserting the current scenario, Narayan said, “In times of COVID-19, KSOU has an opportunity to use technology, with regular universities sceptical about launching regular classes.”

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