Lucknow University Receives No Application for PGD In Tamil And French; Check Details

Aarushi Kalra Aarushi Kalra
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The Tamil and French postgraduate diploma courses offered at Lucknow University didn't receive any application this year. University plans to run only 6 courses and suspend the rest. 

The undergraduate and postgraduate programs offered at Lucknow University have received the highest number of applications this year. However, only fewer candidates applied for Postgraduate diploma and certificate courses.

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Lucknow University also offers 28 postgraduate diplomas and certificate courses which didn't get many applications this year.

The Lucknow university released a notice which stated that out of the 28 short term courses offered at the university, 20 courses received applications in single digit.

Two courses received no application at all and it raises a question mark over their relevance, said the official notice.

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It is observed that only PGD in Yoga has received more applications than the seats offered in the university. There are 40 seats offered but the applications received are 44. 

The other five courses received 40% of applications to the number of seats offered. 40% of seats to the total offered seats is the minimum eligibility to run a course. Hence the notice stated that only these 6 courses will run this year and the rest of the courses will be suspended.

PGD in Tamil and French and a certificate in aquatic wildlife conservative course has received no applications at all.

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A professor of Lucknow University said, "Candidates have opted for courses that will help get employment or promotion. For example, yoga helps in keeping fit and offers a career. Cyber laws can be understood in a short time but cybersecurity needs a full-time course."

The university offers PGD in Reproduction and Child Health. This relates to the child, adolescent, and maternal health, HIV AIDS, and family planning. Only six applications were received for the course out of 15 seats offered. 

But comparatively, PGD in Garbha Sankar got 25 applications out of 30 seats. PGD in Cyberlaw received 20 applications but PGD in Information and Cybersecurity.

Students' preference left many people in a puzzle.

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