Lucknow University: Students Welcome the ‘Challenge Revaluation’ Move; Check Details Here

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The students of Lucknow University have appreciated the decision of the University to allow ‘Challenge Re-evaluation’ of answer copies of the semester examinations. 

This decision of Lucknow University will allow students to clarify their doubts regarding the allotment of marks in the re-evaluation. 

The exam committee meeting was recently conducted at the varsity and the system was approved in the meeting. According to the system, the students who are not satisfied with their marks can apply for re-checking. 

Students should submit an application form along with the required fee and the revaluation will be done after that. Students will be informed about the result through the mail. 

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According to the sources, the revaluation fee is said to be around INR 2,500 but the revaluation fee has not yet announced officially. Action will be taken against the teacher who checked the answer script earlier if the difference between the original mark and revaluation mark is more than 20 per cent.

Vishal Singh, MA (Applied Economics) student stated, “Earlier, the only option to see answer copies was through Right to Information which was a cumbersome process. Moreover, one could only see the copy under the arrangement and could not get it rechecked.”

Considering the socio-economic background of a section of students, some students felt that charging INR 2,500 as a reevaluation fee would be an expensive option.

Gauri Srivastava, a BA student stated that the revaluation system is good but the biggest disadvantage is the high revaluation fee. 

Officials from Lucknow University stated that the revaluation charge in other universities is up to INR 5,000. A senior officer stated that the high fee is charged for revaluation so that only students with genuine concerns will apply for the revaluation process. Otherwise, there will be a lot of applications for revaluation which will delay the entire process. 

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