M.A or B.Ed; What to Choose After B.A, Get Detailed Analysis

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As soon as candidates complete their undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Arts (B.A), they have to face a new challenge which is to decide what to do next.

Generally, candidates either go for Master of Arts or start preparing for government exams. These two are the most common career route opted by B.A graduates.

It is very rare that a B.A student goes for a B.Ed degree after graduation. This is mainly due to the lack of awareness regarding it.

A detailed comparison between B.Ed and M.A has been provided below to give clarity about what a B.A graduate should pursue after M.A

Comparison Between M.A and B.Ed

A statistical comparison between the M.A and B.Ed programme has been given below.




Course Duration

2 Years

2 Years








Bachelor’s Degree in the concerned discipline

B.Sc/B.Com/B.A degree from a recognised University with a minimum of 50% aggregate

Admission Process M.A & B.Ed

The admission process for both M.A & B.Ed programme has been mentioned below. The table below provides information regarding the eligibility, entrance exam, etc.




Minimum Eligibility Criteria

55% in graduation

50-55% in graduation

Admission on the Basis of

Entrance Examination/Merit

Entrance Examination

Career Prospects

Research, Teaching at College Level

Teaching at School Level

The admission process for M.A and B.Ed has very little difference. Generally, admission into the B.Ed programme is granted on the basis of the entrance examination.

On the other hand, Admission into the M.A programme is on the basis of merit or on the basis of the entrance examination.

What to Pursue? 

It is not a cakewalk for candidates to decide whether they should go for M.A or B.Ed after graduation in B.A.

However, the task can be made simpler if a candidate knows what he would like to do in future and the career path which will suit him.

As per experts, candidates who wish to do masters in the same field and are keen about gathering knowledge in the same field should pursue M.A after graduation in B.A

On the other hand, graduates who want to join the noble profession of teaching at the school level should go with a B.Ed degree.

Career Prospects: M.A and B.Ed

It is very important to know the career prospect of the course a candidate is going to pursue as it gives some clarity about the work he/she would be doing. The career opportunities for both M.A and B.Ed programme has been mentioned below.




School Teacher


Education Counsellor

Private Tutors

Private/home Tutor


Online Tutor

Education Consultant

Educational Writer

These above-mentioned job roles are few opportunities which an M.A and B.Ed graduate has once they have completed their course.


It is quite difficult which course is a better option as both the courses offer different opportunities. 

Both the programmes offer different outcomes and it is the responsibility of the candidate to evaluate his interest and then choose between M.A and B.Ed programme.