Magadh University has so far Uploaded about 2000 e-contents on Official Website: VC

Sabeer Chalana Sabeer Chalana
Content Curator

Magadh University is all set with the trends of online teaching since April,2020. Even till now it has uploaded around 2000 e-contents for the benefit of the students on their official website.The same has been claimed by the VC, Prof.Rajendra Prasad.

The biggest advantage of these online contents available is that the students of the other universities and colleges can also get their study material from MU website. Considering this matter, the colleges have been urged to provide various links of their online learning programmes.

During the pre-covid times, online teaching was not considered as a prolonged substitute for classroom interactions.But as per the Covid-Era, all the respective universities and institutes have to adapt themselves to the post-covid realities.

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While some of the PG colleges and institutes have been satisfactory in the field of online teaching and the same cannot be claimed about the MU affiliated colleges suffering from the pitfalls of infrastructure.

Besides this, Jagjivan College Principal, has been appointed to evaluate performance in terms of online teaching.

He also claimed that efforts are also being made to inculcate the trends of online teaching platforms for all the university students and including those enrolled in affiliated colleges.

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