MCI warns Medicine Aspirants against applying for Admission to Singhania University courses

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In a notification issued by the MCI’s Board of Governors (BoG), the board has advised medical aspirants against applying for admission to Singhania University, Rajasthan. 

Singhania University

The notification also states that Singhania University had opened admissions to medical courses such as MBBS without receiving authorization from the Centre.

In an advertisement, the university invited medicine aspirants to apply for admission to the several medical courses it offers. The claims made by the university have however been deemed invalid and illegal by the BoG. 

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The provision violated by the university by conducting unauthorized admissions is the Indian Medical Council Act of 1956, according to Dr R. K. Vats, secretary-general of the BoG. The university will be incriminated of the same. Any claims made by the university are void of any validation from the Centre.

The Centre will not be entertaining or acknowledging the courses offered by the university. The Act violated by the university states that any new university is required to obtain permission and approval from the Centre before inviting aspirants for admission. 

In case admission is made to a university who has not been given the approval, the degree awarded will not be recognized and will not be deemed valid as a medical qualification. No acknowledgement will be given whatsoever to the merit or performance of a student from such an institution.  

The notification also recommends aspirants to visit the new and updated list of medical colleges which is available on the official website of MCI. The colleges mentioned in the list have all been approved by the Centre.

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