NTRUHS: AP Medical Colleges Withholding Certificates Cannot be Disaffiliated; Read Details Here

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Andhra Pradesh: Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences (NTRUHS) declared that private medical colleges affiliated with the university cannot be cancelled of their affiliations as they withheld students’ certificates. Meanwhile, these colleges are harassing students by not issuing their deliverables. 

K. Sankar, Registrar at Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences (NTRUHS) said, “They are affiliated colleges and disaffiliation is the final event. But if these private medical colleges want to disaffiliate, they have to adjust all the thousands of existing students to other colleges.”

According to K. Sankar, the government is not taking any step as such a massive move of students is impossible. Considering there are few medical colleges in Andhra Pradesh where the affected students could be accommodated, hence putting the fate of the students at stake.

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K. Sankar further added that NTRUHS is in a helpless position as the private colleges are disobeying the varsity’s order. However, the university has directed the colleges to issue certificates since the court has not decided upon how much tuition fees shall students pay.

In 2017, students went to court seeking help when the private medical colleges violated the rules of the fee committee. The colleges hiked fees to INR 7 lakh annually for the A category and comparatively much higher for B and C categories.

The court directed the students to pay 50 percent of the fees, according to which students  paid INR 3.4 lakhs. Students requested for the declaration of remaining balance to be paid at the later date, for which dates are yet to be decided by the court.

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Registrar of Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences stated that hundreds of students have finished their medical course since 2017. Students are now awaiting for their medical certificates which have yet to be released by respective colleges until the balance fees have been paid.

K. Sankar further added, “The court has responded to the students’ plea, directing the colleges to provide the certificate to the students by taking an affidavit that the balance amount will be paid after the court judgment. But the private colleges are not obeying orders.”

Medical college faculty stated that the students are clueless about how to approach the Supreme Court to file a complaint regarding their fundamental rights being violated. 

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, students have been making possible efforts but these situations are hindering their efforts.

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Students further added that the private colleges are doing everything at their disposal to negate their efforts. Since colleges are highly influential and armed with powerful lawyers, they have also allegedly denied providing stipends to students.

According to the affected students, “Their approach to the court is costing them exorbitantly as the college cartel had retaliated by slashing the senior residents’ salary from INR 90, 000 to INR 65,000.

Since they have passed out, three months have already lapsed and more than 1500 MS and MD students are sitting idle.

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Another student from a private college affiliated to Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences said, "Though we are getting senior resident opportunities in other states, we are unable to go because the colleges are not giving us our certificates while the colleges in Andhra Pradesh are not allowing us to become senior residents."

Sankar further emphasized that these private medical colleges are rebuffing the varsity’s order stating they can’t dictate terms and conditions to the colleges.

Apart from providing certificates to the students, these medical colleges are also not releasing their earlier academic certificate which they have submitted during admission such as Class 10th, 12th, MBBS, etc. 

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