RGPV Begins Preparations For Conducting Final Year Exams from July 27

Samrat Roy Samrat Roy
Exam Prep Master

As of July 27, RGPV Technical University, Madhya Pradesh has begun preparations to conduct final semester engineering and other online technical courses.

A notification has also been issued by RGPV to start online semester classes of polytechnic colleges across the state from July 15, 2020.

RGPV 's PRO Shashi Ranjan Akela said that at the next executive council meeting the university will put the draft to conduct final year exams.

From August 4 – 5, 2020, RGPV also decided to commence practical examinations.

Speaking of the examination mode, Akela said, "As of now, RGPV is working on conducting online examinations. The Council will take the decision offline review at a later stage.”

RGPV is to conduct a final year exam of 36,000 students. RGPV had previously announced that it would conduct an exam on July 7, 2020 but it was postponed after the state government declared the students, including those in the final year, to be given a general promotion.

Sources said, students will get the 50 percent weight of the semester grade point average (SGPS), based on their seventh semester.

These will be based on a committee from 7 July which made specific recommendations for conducting examinations.

In order to help students familiarize themselves with the online test process , at least two mock tests would be organized prior to the final exams.

Desktop, laptop , tablet and smartphone should be compatible with the platform to be used for the exam.

Students will need to record taking the exam themselves to check the possibility of cheating and other unfair means.

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