Shivaji University Developed UV-360 Sanitizer to Prevent COVID-19 Outbreak in Crowded Areas

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Shivaji University, Maharashtra has developed a one-of-a-kind UV-360 Sanitizer Module Robot in order to prevent the COVID-19 increase in the states. The aim of UV-380 Sanitizer is to disinfect places with large crowds. 

Shivaji University, Maharashtra researchers along with experts have developed the UV-360 Sanitizer Module Robot which has now been placed in Nagpur, Maharashtra. 

Higher and Technical Education Minister of Maharashtra, Mr. Uday Samant stated that the UV-360 Sanitizer Module Robot will play an effective role in preventing the coronavirus outbreak in crowded places.

The UV-380 Sanitizer Robot will also give students an inspiration to develop and learn more about artificial intelligence and its role in real life, he further added. 

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Shivaji University Developed UV-360 Sanitizer Highlights and Functions 

In the battle against COVID-19, the technology development will help the state in decreasing and preventing the rise of coronavirus infection in the states. The researchers have been called to carry out the functions of sanitizing the tunnel and UV-C torch. 

The main Role of Shivaji University, Kolhapur developed UV-360 Sanitizer Module Robot is as follows: 

  • The UV-360 Sanitizer Module Robot will use various types of sensors and artificial intelligence technology to disinfect areas. 
  • Sanitizer Module has been developed in a way to detect human movements and to stop the emission of Ultraviolet rays. 
  • To protect the sanitizer from colliding with hard objects, the anti-collision sensor has also been placed inside the UV sensor. 
  • The anti-sensors will detect the motion of the module robot and prevent the sensor from colliding with other places and moving objects. 
  • LIDAR sensor has been inserted inside the UV-360 Sanitizer Module Robot disinfect areas and prevent covid-19 outbreaks in areas of larger diameter.

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UV-360 Sanitizer Module Robot can cover an area of 100 square meters in a duration of fewer than 5 minutes. The total weight of the module sensor is 20 kilometer. 

The tubes inserted in the sensor, 18 UV-C tubes of 11-watt will not only help the sensor in disinfecting the areas, but it will also help prevent covid-19 infections in people within the covered area. 

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