SPPU to Start Online Classes from 5 August

Arunasish Sen Arunasish Sen
Content Curator

Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) will start online classes from 5 August onwards. The classes will be for those batches whose results have been declared.

An integrated online platform for affiliated colleges has been developed by SPPU, with each lecture the size of 250 to 350 MB.

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After every 10 minutes or after every lecture, there will be quizzes. This is to ensure that students do not simply log in and then skip lectures. No student can go ahead without getting a certain portion of the answers right.

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Thanks to the centralized system, the university officials will know how many lectures a college has completed and how many students have attended them. Professors are to give short audio-video clips where they explain a topic. They also need to email the vice-chancellor about the objective of the clip, the expected learning level of the student after listening to the clip, and the possibility of graphics.

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Teachers are being trained in developing e-content so that they can insert questions, modify the content and make a module.

Currently, 40 percent of the syllabus of the university is being taught online. A class of 100 students will be divided into four batches. Each batch will come per week after the colleges reopen. After the classroom lectures, each batch will get a fortnight’s quarantine, during which period they can access the online material.

Every student and teacher has a login ID and password. The university will monitor how much content they have covered.

The Principal of Arts, Science Commerce College Indapur, one of the 10 colleges piloting this project, said that their teachers are trained in module-making.

Students with no Internet or phone range can simply take the module on a pen drive and download the module from a nearby centre.

Though the university will not charge for creating this platform, it will not provide funds to colleges for sports equipment.

The state minister of higher education commended the efforts of SPPU, saying, “SPPU has put up a good infrastructure for online teaching-learning process. All universities in the state are trying to reach their students through online processes. As and when we find different problems, solutions would be found.”