The Walls of Dr SN Medical College and Hospital Painted with Messages for COVID-19 Awareness

Prerona Datta Prerona Datta
Content Curator

Coronavirus awareness painting

Under an initiative by the district administration, the walls of Dr SN Medical College and Hospital were painted with slogans and precautionary measures to spread awareness regarding Covid-19.

The district administration has plans of making such paintings in many other medical colleges and hospitals in Jodhpur. The initiative was started with Dr SN Medical College and Hospital because of the large number of people visiting the premises daily. 

Catchy slogans like ‘It isn’t just tobacco, spitting can also be injurious to health’ and ‘precaution is the ultimate treatment’ along with caricatures depicting them were painted. 

“Besides spreading awareness, we also wish to pay homage to the frontline COVID-19 warriors. We hope to educate people about the safety measures they must undertake to live during this pandemic,” said Manoj Kalla, in-charge of the paintwork for Jodhpur administration.

“Precaution is ultimately the best treatment against coronavirus, that’s the message we want to spread among masses. We hope to educate people through these slogans and messages,” said Dr Prakash Rajpurohit, District Collector.