TNAU Receives Patent for a Protein-Based Crop Growth Booster; Check Details Here

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Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) has been granted the patent for a protein-based crop growth booster. The new technology would allow protein extraction for foliar spray applications and seed treatment.

The research was conducted by the Seed Center of TNAU. During the research, the seed center successfully created a technology to standardize foliar spray and seed treatment with protein extract. This resulted in an increase in crop productivity and growth. 

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A TNAU press release on December 4 said that the foliar spraying of protein extract during the flowering and pre-flowering stages resulted in an increase of 15% in crop yield. Additionally, applying protein extract to seed coating resulted in an increase of 6--8% in seed germination. 

Another way of using this technology was by soaking the seeds in a secondary protein solution of 0.5-0.75% before sowing. This also resulted in a significant increase of 6-10% in seed germination. The increase in yield also depended on the crop seed used.

The scientists of the University had applied for a patent which was granted to them after a thorough examination. Their research also included the product development procedure of protein extract which was used for seed treatment and foliar spray. 

The products were launched commercially in the market as natural growth boosters. They were launched under the name of NutriGold and SeedAid. 

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