UGC will Start Blended Learning after Universities Reopen

Arunasish Sen Arunasish Sen
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UGC will Start Blended Learning after Universities Reopen

The University Grants Commission will introduce a mix of online and offline classes after universities reopen. On 10 June, DP Singh, the Chairman of UGC, said that guidelines are being made for “blended learning” and will be put to test once the universities reopen.

“Online Education/E-learning/Digital learning is the need of the hour now,” he said. While he believed that the classroom was the best place for learning, the pandemic has compelled the use of online learning to ensure that students do not stop studying.

Online learning was not a new idea, Singh said. He gave the example of Swayam Prabha and other digital means to showcase that online programmes were used earlier, though not in a widespread manner.

Considering the social distancing norms induced by the pandemic, online learning could become one of the very means to education. Singh said, “We have considered all the angles and looked at the regulatory framework. We have revisited the online and Swayam regulations that earlier had the choice of allowing 20% of the course online.

“So, with the online degrees, we are trying to bring in regulations that showcase blended mode education where students get the benefits of both online and offline teaching. In this, online content will now be raised to 40% and universities can adopt this to offer 40% of the course content online with proper credits.

“Students will have the choice to study a part of the course online and part offline under the blended mode of education. This will also facilitate social distancing that is a necessity for the days to come till the threat of COVID can be overcome.”

This will be started with some institutions. It will later be open to all.