What is better choice doing MS in Management from USA or doing MBA from top B schools like JBIMS, FMS, ISB, XLRI, SP JAIN (IIMs excluded for a while)?

1 Answer

Raman Kumar Shekhar Jun 18, 2021
Studied at Delhi University (2019)

One of my friends was pursuing the One Year Management Program in the US. So, I can give you the scenario of doing management from the US. 

Pursuing a one-year program from the US is not a good option, no matter which university you are choosing. 

  • As they lack in providing internship opportunities. International students also find it hard to get job opportunities because of their visa sponsorships. 
  • Before enrolling into any B-school first get clear what you want from the course and university. 
  • Above mentioned, JBIMS, FMS, ISB, XLRI, and SP JAIN, all are good and give you a good job opportunity. 
  • While MBA programs from ISB, FMS, XLRI are economical, SP Jain Mumbai and Jamnalal Bajaj Mumbai are also good.

Therefore, before getting into any B school first become clear what you want. If you want to work in the US, then go for a full-time MBA program from the top 20 colleges only.