Should I prefer an MTech in transportation at IIT Bhubaneshwar or construction technology in NIT Warangal?

1 Answer

Debdeep Majumder Aug 13, 2020

M.Tech in transportation at IIT Bhubaneshwar is as good as the course in construction technology at NIT Warangal. The choice should be based on your interest. However, there are certain points that might help in making the decision.

  • Construction Technology at NIT Warangal does not have a lot of permanent faculty. Professors from other universities come to teach the subjects of construction technology for a duration of around 2 months.

  • Last year’s placements were not so good at NIT, however this year the placements were better. This year, 80 students were placed out of 98 eligible students. Bhubaneshwar IIT is new and hence its civil department is not so good when compared to old NITs. The total placement rate for MTech was 68% in IIT Bhubaneshwar.

  • Transportation branch is better than construction technology as it offers more jobs and scopes.

  • Also, the brand name of IIT has global recognition and offers certain advantages which is not the case for NITs.

  • To apply for IIT Bhubaneshwar one has to go through GATE and for NIT, NIMCET, or NIT MCA which is the common entrance.

  • The cutoff for Transportation in IIT Bhubaneshwar in 2019 was 365-375 for SC/ST/PWD, 545-555 for General Category, and 495-505 for OBC. The cutoff rank of NIT Warangal last year for Construction technology was 705 for general, 586 for OBC, 531 for SC, and 330 for ST students. 

  • The yearly course fee for MTech at NIT Warangal is Rs 89,750. Whereas, course fee per year for MTech at IIT Bhubaneshwar is 2.31 lakhs,