What is the fee structure of doing an MBA at the IIM in Ahmedabad?

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raktim tarafdar September 4th, 2020

The MBA course at IIM Ahmedabad is the top 5 courses by Financial Times in the world. The flagship MBA program in IIM Ahmedabad witnessed an increase of 5% of Art Graduates in 2020. 

The table below shows the fee structure of doing an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad:

Domestic Students

International Students

The total program fees for the 2020-2022 batch is INR 23 LPA.

The annual fees for the overseas Indian students are US $25000. 

This includes tuition fees of INR 16.99 LPA.

The fee includes tuition, course material, and lodging. 

Laptop, travel expenses, clothes are extra. 

The annual does not cover personal expenses such as travel, clothes, stationery, and laundry.

All students need to have a personal computer which the institute will arrange.

All students need to have a personal computer for which the institute will arrange it.


For the fourth consecutive year, IIM Ahmedabad has thus increased its PGP fees. In 2016, the costs of the MBA were increased from INR 18.50 LPA to INR 19.50 LPA.

In 2017, the fees were hiked to INR 21 LPA, and in 2018 it was increased to INR 22 LPA. The price is an inclusion of all other costs, excluding food costs. 

Once you get admitted in IIM Ahmedabad, you will have many banks offering no guarantee loans. You just need to come for an induction week and sign two documents, and the rest will be taken care of by the bank.

The value you will get after being admitted to IIM Ahmedabad is pretty excellent. After you get into this college, you are branded for life.



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