Which is better and why, Thapar University vs Manipal University for a B.Tech in computer science?

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suruchi gupta September 4th, 2020

Both Thapar University and Manipal University are renowned private universities of India in engineering. Which makes it difficult to choose one institute over the other. 

The below-mentioned details will give you a clearer picture of B.Tech in computer science programs at both universities.


Thapar University 

Manipal University 

NIRF Ranking 

29th (Engineering category)

8th (Overall)

Fees(1st year)

3.25 lakhs

3.35 lakhs

Selection Process

JEE Main

Manipal Entrance Test (MET)


Average Package





B.Tech in Computer Science at Thapar University allows the students to gain extensive knowledge through research-driven training in major research areas of computer science. 

  • The average placement rate of Thapar is over 80%, 200+ recruiting companies visit the campus each year. 
  • Over 150+ students get an opportunity of interning and working with top companies like IBM, Samsung, NVIDIA, DeShaw, Adobe. 
  • With 23 core computer labs, a gaming and animation lab, a motion capture lab, and over 10 research and industrial project labs, Thapar University is incredibly popular worldwide for its varied research avenues, well-trained faculty, and innovation.

B.Tech in Computer Science at Manipur University has an average placement rate of 75%, students get placed at major companies like Google, Amazon, Oracle, etc. The student exchange program with universities like Hochschule Bremen, Queensland University of Technology, provides exposure to the students.

Both colleges have their own perks. You should choose the university that is best suited for you.



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