Which one should I choose, CSE in the MNNIT Allahabad or mechanics in the IIT Mandi? Why?

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siripuram akash September 15th, 2020

MNNIT Allahabad offers 4 years B.Tech and 2 years M.Tech in CSE with specializations in postgraduate programs in the fields of Computer Science & Engineering, Software Engineering, and Information Security. MNNIT Allahabad is ranked 93rd overall and 48th among other engineering institutes by MHRD’s 2020 NIRF rankings.

IIT Mandi offers 4 years B.Tech and 2 years M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering (ME). Specialization in Energy Systems (MES) is offered for post graduation in ME. Currently, the intake of ME branch for M.Tech is 40 with a total strength of 126 students. IIT Mandi is ranked 67th overall and 31st among other engineering institutes by MHRD’s 2020 NIRF rankings.

Coming to the question, if the tag of an IITian is not of prime concern then relevant facts and statistics as mentioned below should be taken into consideration as CSE and Mechanics are completely different courses.

Data (2019-2020)

MNNIT Allahabad

IIT Mandi


84,666 (1st Year Fees)

1,33,750 per semester

Cut-off (JEE Mains)

Opening Rank:1449 

Closing Rank:4714

Opening Rank:5368 

Closing Rank:7222


Even institutes like IITs have lesser core companies visiting for the ME branch as compared to the CSE branch of NITs or other institutes. 

  • MNNIT Allahabad: 
    • Core companies visiting for CSE are Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Amazon, Flipkart, Oracle, Cisco, Citrix, Samsung, SAP labs, Walmart, Directi, Qualcomm, Adobe, etc.
    • The placement percentage for the year 2019 was 97.60% of the CSE branch.
    • The average salary package offered was 15.12 lakhs and the highest package offered was 36 lakhs.
  • IIT Mandi: 
    • Core companies recruiting for the ME branch are HPCL, ISRO, L&T, LNTECC, Capgemini, Siemens, Mahindra & Mahindra, etc.
    • The percentage of students placed is 61.11%. 
    • The highest salary offered in 2019 was 16.7 LPA by HPCL and the average salary offered is 7 LPA.

Both the institutes mentioned above are nationally-ranked. The choice of opting for either CSE at MNNIT Allahabad or ME at IIT Mandi is that of the student wanting to pursue it as they are entirely different courses.



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