How is CGC Landran for pharmacy?

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raktim tarafdar September 15th, 2020

CGC Landran is a well-known college when it comes to Pharmacy and is operated under Chandigarh College of Pharmacy. The faculty is known to be quite helpful to students as well as placements are another major plus when it comes to seeking admission here. Here are some of the noteworthy points one should consider before applying to the program:

Achievements: The course has been accredited by a number of establishments. Some of these are as follows:

  • The college has been conferred with ‘Best Private Pharmacy College in Punjab’ award, five times by various organizations.
  • It has also been approved by the Pharmacy Council of India and has been recognized as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization by the government of India.

Lab equipment:

  • The department boasts a number of high tech lab equipment put to use for students’ academic work as well as research that is carried out.
  • Filter press, High-Performance Liquid Chromatography, Zeta sizer are some of the high tech equipment at the institute.


  • The department has recruiters from a number of top-performing companies in the field of pharmacy. It includes Abbott, Apollo Hospitals, Mankind, Novartis as well as Panacea Biotec.
  • Many students go on to become clinical researchers, analytical chemists as well as quality control officers, and medical writers.
  • CCP is also known to have the highest placement rates in Punjab.


  • The college has publications in a number of international and national research journals.
  • It also carries out visits to several GMP certified pharmaceutical companies at Himachal Pradesh and Punjab.

Overall, most students have a positive opinion of the course with regards to CGC Punjab. Students can contact the university to gain a deeper insight into the program and gain more knowledge about it prior to applying here.



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