Which college is better in terms of study, faculty, environment, and placement of CS branch - NIT, Srinagar (J&K) or Thapar University?

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meghdeepa mondal October 28th, 2020

NIT Srinagar is a government-funded public university, whereas Thapar University is a privately owned institution. NIT Srinagar is considered an institution of national importance. Thapar University is ranked number 2 among private institutions in India by The Asia.


NIT Srinagar:

  • NIT Srinagar CSE students usually receive almost 100% placement.

  • Major IT companies are present every year to recruit top CSE student talents.

  • Some of the famous recruiters are Wipro, Infosys, Amazon, Oracle, Capgemini, Oxigen, Pinnacle, HP, etc.

  • The average annual CTC offered is around INR 9 LPA. The highest CTC offered was around INR 17 LPA.

Thapar University:

  • CSE students of Thapar University have bagged 100% placements consistently for the last 6 years.

  • There were 264 recruiters present last year who offered jobs to students.

  • The prominent recruiting companies were Oracle, Wipro, Western Digital Corporation, TCS, General Electric Digital, Microsoft, Infosys, IBM, Naukri.com, JP Morgan, XION Advertising, etc.

  • The highest CTC offered was INR 43 LPA while the average CTC was around INR 8.5 LPA.


  • NIT Srinagar has a teaching faculty of 185 experienced teachers. The student strength is around 2500 which makes for a good student-teacher ratio.

  • Thapar University has a highly qualified faculty with most of them having PhDs. The teachers are quite co-operative and encourage interactive classes.

Study & Environment:

NIT Srinagar:

  • NIT Srinagar, apart from being a scenic place, also has very good infrastructure for CSE students.

  • Other facilities include separate hostels for girls and boys, a sports centre, and a healthcare facility inside the campus.

  • All the students are admitted based on merit and hence the level of intelligence will be high.

Thapar University:

  • Thapar University is situated on a vast 300-acre campus in the heart of the city and has more than 11,000 students.

  • There is a fully air-conditioned computer lab with high-speed wifi that has a capacity of 300 students.

  • There are also plenty of sports & recreational activities available to students.

Both of these institutions are excellent choices for pursuing a career in CSE. Go through all the above factors thoroughly and choose a college based on your interests.



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