Which is better, IIIT Dharwad ECE, IIIT Manipur, CSE, ECE, or IIIT Kottayam CSE/ECE?

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Gargee Sachdeva Nov 3, 2020

After IITs and NITs, students will always prefer IIITs as they offer neck to neck competition to other institutes. IIIT Dharwad being recently established offers stiff competition to other IIITs. All three colleges claim to have placed more than 70% of its students. Facilities like well-ventilated hostel rooms, cafeteria, digital library, and scholarships to different categories.


  • For admission into IIIT colleges, students need to appear for the JEE(Joint Entrance Exam) mains exams and get a good rank for the same. Admission is purely merit-based.

  • IIIT Manipur has 50 seats for both ECE and CSE branches. IIIT Dharwad has 75 seats in the ECE branch. IIIT Kottayam has 192 seats in the CSE branch and 48 seats in the ECE branch.

The required cutoff for the institutes is as follows.


Cut off

IIIT Dharwad(ECE)


IIIT Manipur(CSE)


IIIT Manipur(ECE)


IIIT Kottayam(CSE)



  • IIIT Dharwad has a dedicated group of experienced faculty and many are yet to join the institute.

  • IIIT Manipur had 6 Assistant professors, professors, Ph.D. holders helping students in every field.

  • IIIT Kottayam is composed of experienced faculty for each branch as well as for research.

Well developed laboratories and computer centers are set up for the students of ECE and CSE students for these colleges.

Course fees:

The fee structure varies for different colleges depending on the facilities provided. The fee structure per year for BTech at these colleges is as follows.

  • IIIT Dharwad: INR 2,10,000

  • IIIT Manipur: INR 1,87,945

  • IIIT Kottayam: INR 1,35,000


  • IIIT Dharwad showed a decent placement record of 94% in the recent statistics. The highest package offered was INR 11 LPA and the average was INR 7 LPA. Some of the top recruiters were Atria, Code, Greenock, Goldman Sachs, TCS.

  • IIIT Manipur being recently established could place only 17 out of 23 students in reputed companies. Because of the remote location, many corporate companies did not visit. But a surge in admission can be noticed this year.

  • The highest package offered at IIIT Kottayam was INR 10 LPA, and the average was INR 5 LPA. The placement percentage was 75%.

All the colleges above are recently established but still provide head-on competition to other institutes. The remarkable progress in the placement percentage, student admission, faculty is clearly visible. Students can opt for any of these colleges.