Which is better - ICT in PDPU or I.T. in Manipal University?

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Ankita Sarkar Nov 7, 2020

Both PDPU and Manipal University are nationally recognized institutions and provide excellent quality education.

The total tuition fee for the ICT branch at PDPU is around 9.36 lakhs and has about 120 seats. The total tuition fee for the IT branch at Manipal University is around 17.06 lakhs and has a capacity of 120 seats as well.

Eligibility Criteria:


  • Students who have secured 45% or above in their 10+2 examination are eligible to apply.

  • JEE Main and GUJCET scores are considered for admission.

Manipal University:

  • Students are expected to score 50% or above in their 10+2 examination.

  • Admission is made based on the MET examination, which is the university examination.

  • The cutoff rank at Manipal- 1932(Round1), 1985(Round 2).



The ICT department of PDPU is extremely new and had its first placement in 2020.

  • The highest package offered was 20 LPA, the lowest offered was 5LPA.

  • Top recruiting companies are Infosys and ONGC.

  • Mostly the positions offered were of assistant engineers.

  • Students are responsible for securing internships.

Manipal University:

  • The IT department has a placement percentage of 80.

  • The highest salary package offered is 21 LPA, the lowest is 4 LPA, and the average is around 6 LPA.

  • Around 40% of students secured internships.

  • Companies like Philips, Citrix, SanDisk, Future First, Deloitte, Amazon, Oracle, and Cisco come for recruitment.

  • The positions offered are mainly for project managers.

Faculty and Infrastructure:


  • 120 students are divided into two classes for smooth operation. As a result, faculties can devote proper time to each student and help them out. The faculty of ICT is average since the branch is still relatively new.

  • The campus size of PDPU is around 100 acres, and all the basic requirements of students are taken care of.

Manipal University:

  • Faculties are top-tier, and the teaching quality is excellent. The curriculum is relevant and updated.

  • Manipal too has all the necessary facilities like Wi-Fi all over campus, air-conditioned classrooms, and an updated library with over 10,000 books, and canteen and medical facilities.

  • Manipal University is one of the largest colleges in India. The campus stretches over 313 acres almost a quarter of which is devoted to sports.

Both colleges are really good, and even though the ICT branch at PDPU is very new compared to the IT branch at Manipal, the first placement was entirely up to the mark. Both the ICT and IT branches are being sought out presently. So, students can look into the respective branches and make a decision.