What is the difference between EFLU Hyderabad and EFLU Lucknow?

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Debdeep Majumder Nov 21, 2020

EFLU Hyderabad offers courses and awards degrees with minimal fees throughout the year. While EFLU Hyderabad is a central university, the Lucknow branch is a regional campus catering to the Northern parts of India's language practitioners' needs.

Special Recognition and international collaboration:

  • NAAC has re-accredited EFLU Hyderabad with grade 'A.'

  • The Lucknow campus has been actively engaged in conducting refresher courses and proficiency courses for teachers and students. It has a newly added course of Postgraduate Diploma in Communication.


EFLU Hyderabad:

  • EFLU Hyderabad has exceptional faculty in Asian Languages and Training and Development in English and other languages.

  • The teachers use digital classrooms and adopt a practical approach to make students industry-ready.

  • The ITP programs of this university make it distinguished from other educational spheres of the country.

EFLU Lucknow:

  • EFLU Lucknow campus has faculty members holding degrees like M.A., M.Phil, and Ph.D. in language teaching from recognized colleges in India.

  • Their language proficiencies include English, Russian, French, and Spanish. They provide detailed lectures and also a conducive learning environment.


EFLU Hyderabad:

  • EFLU Hyderabad excels in infrastructure with Ramesh Mohan Library and counseling centers as the highlights.

  • It also has The Internal Quality Assurance Cell to monitor the quality of instruction and research at the University.

  • Further, it has built an Enabled unit for the disabled to enhance the assistive devices offered to them.

EFLU Lucknow:

  • As compared to the Hyderabad campus, the Lucknow one has lesser facilities available to the students.

  • However, the computers are equipped with language learning software and the lab functions as the Multimedia Digital Language Laboratory for the participants.

  • The library provides online access to several journals such as JSTOR, Project Muse, Cambridge University Press Online Journals, Oxford University Press Online Journals, and Economic and Political Weekly.


  • The placement selection rate at EFLU Hyderabad is 50%, with the highest salary offered as Rs. 50,000 per month.

  • The placement opportunities at EFLU Lucknow is decent. Last year some English graduates received placement from Paper True.

EFLU Hyderabad is considered a university for providing an exclusive focus on teaching languages with gleaming placement opportunities for both English and Foreign language students. On the other side, EFLU Lucknow is small-scale in nature, which isn't as promising as the Hyderabad branch.