Which college is best, IPS Business School or Taxila Business School?

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meghdeepa mondal December 4th, 2020

When comparing IPS Business School and Taxila Business School even though IPS Business School has some advantages, Taxila Business School is the clear winner.

Given below is a brief overview of the institutes.


Taxila Business School

IPS Business School

Highest CTC

22 LPA

15 LPA

Average CTC

12.5 LPA


Course Fee

8.55 lakhs

2.25 LPA

Placements: (Winning institution - Taxila Business School)

When we talk about placements IPS is nowhere near Taxila business school.

  • In the Taxila Business School for the 2020 batch, the highest package offered was 22 LPA and the average package was 12.5 LPA. A total of 80 companies visited the campus.

  • Many reputed companies like Asian Paints, Hindustan Unilever Ltd, S&P Global, Vivo visit the Taxila campus.

  • In the IPS business school the highest package was 15 LPA but the average package was just close to 4 LPA.

Course Fees:

  • Taxila Business School charges more for PGDM as compared to IPS Business School. Taxila charges 8.55 lakhs for its PGDM program.

  • Whereas the IPS business school charges 2.25 LPA.


  • Taxila offers 3 internship programs for 2 months each helps the students in practical exposure.

  • The 1-month international program with the Rome business school is an added advantage.

Like IIMs, Taxila offers rigorous 15 hrs classroom teaching that works in the favor of the students. Thus, Taxila business school will be the best option to go for when compared to IPS business school.



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