Which college is better for CS, VIT Pune or VIIT Pune (since both are autonomous now)?

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meghdeepa mondal December 4th, 2020

Clearly, VIT Pune is better than VIIT Pune. Although both VIT and VIIT are autonomous under the same trust i.e. Bansilal Ramnath Agarwal Charitable Trust, VIT has been operating as an autonomous body for a long time as compared to VIIT. Being in this field for a long period grants them immense experience.

Given below is a brief overview of the cs program at VIIT Pune and VIT Pune.


VIT Pune


Average CTC

6.68 LPA

6.18 LPA

Course Fee

7.16 lakhs

6.56 lakhs

Closing cutoff for CS 2019



Cutoff: (Winning Institute - VIT Pune)

VIT Pune has a higher cut-off than VIIT Pune.

  • In 2019 the closing cutoff for CS in round 3 of counseling was 1100 at VIT Pune. For VIIT Pune it was 2648 for the same.

  • The student-crowd is the best in VIT and you will be among hardworking and serious peers.

Placements: (Winning Institution - VIT Pune)

The placement opportunities are ahead in VIT Pune when compared to VIIT Pune.

  • For the 2020 batch, the highest package offered was 27 LPA and the average package stood at 6.68 LPA in VIT Pune.

  • More than 120 companies visited VIT Pune for recruitment.

VIT has experience in introducing changes to the curriculum, examination patterns, placements, etc and they execute the changes smoothly. You may feel the changes introduced are sudden and difficult to follow at VIIT. All these factors make VIT Pune a better option than VIIT Pune despite both being autonomous and being managed by the same trust.



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