Which is better: Amity University, Ashoka University or OP Jindal?

1 Answer

Asish Roy Jan 8, 2021
BBA, Amity University (2019)

Among these three universities, Amity University is better. But the choice depends a lot on which course you want to pursue. Being situated in NCR, Amity has a locational advantage. 

Discussed below are some of the points why you should choose Amity University. 

    • Seminars and Workshops: Amity conducts various seminars and workshops with professors and academicians. You will get to communicate with many influential people and enhance your network. Many foreign dignitaries also attend these seminars.
    • Quality of Education: Amity aims to offer quality education. Amity has redeemed its image as a university-of-the-rich; now it is stricter. It focuses on the overall development of the students. Every semester has 10-12 subjects.
    • Extra-curriculars: There are a number of clubs and societies related to arts, sciences, social work, photography, dramatics, etc. Which helps expand our network and skills as well.
  • Attendance: Amity is very strict about attendance. There is a mandatory 75% attendance rule. You can’t step out of the campus during college hours because that meant punching our IDs at the gate for confirmation. Which will freeze your attendance for the hours, you are not present on the campus.

The table below shows a brief overview of the three colleges.


Amity University

Ashoka University

OP Jindal

Average CTC

4.5 LPA

7-8 LPA


Fee range

1.6-12.44 lakhs

9.35-24.55 lakhs

9-29.25 lakhs


At Amity, the faculty is a mix of teachers and finally, it'll depend on you whether you'd like to utilize the resources at your disposal or waste them as some students do. Only then will a college be able to help you become your dream version. In this internet era, you have everything you need online, from ebooks to videos on sample paper discussion. Try to make the most of these resources.