How good is liberal arts at Azim Premji University?

1 Answer

Mouli Dhar Jan 8, 2021
B.A English, Azim Premji University (2019)

Azim Premji University offers a lot of different subjects in Liberal Arts. The faculty is dedicated and well qualified. The School of Liberal Arts at Azim Premji University aims to offer a unique under-graduate learning experience and Teacher Education in India. 

The undergraduate programs are facilitated by the School of Liberal Arts, here's what the School promises to students:

  • It aims at enhancing undergraduate and teacher education in India.
  • It will develop and offer UG level programs in Social Sciences, Sciences, and Humanities.
  • A number of new integrated teacher education programs will be developed as well.
  • The overall focus will be on developing students' critical skills, leading them to become active participants and learners.
  • Another aim of the department is to attract a diverse community of students from different intersections, which will help in moderating the role of socio-economic disadvantages.

The overall focus of the institute is on individual growth and development through a balance of practice and research.