How much Hard is to get an MD/MS seat through NEET PG or AIIMS PG?

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Sahil Khurana Jan 8, 2021
MBBS Medicine and Healthcare, Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh

To be very honest, to get an MD/MS seat through NEET PG or AIIMS PG is not an impossible task. It requires a lot of focus, dedication, and appropriate preparation.

The table below will give some recent insights about NEET PG and AIIMS PG.

Total Number of MD + MS + Diploma seats under NEET PG (Government + Private)


Total Number of MD+ MS+ Diploma Government seats under NEET PG


Total Number of MD + MS seats under AIIMS PG


Number of candidates registered for NEET PG (2020)


Number of candidates qualified NEET PG (2020)


Number of candidates registered for AIIMS PG (2020)

30,000 (approx.)

Key highlights:

  • The main thing to keep in mind is that ‘Focus and Dedication’ make everything sorted. You must focus on proper preparation from the 1st year of MBBS.
  • You will be required to do an internship after 4 years of MBBS. The time spent during the internship can be used in preparation for NEET PG or AIIMS PG. 
  • For some candidates, taking a drop of a year for preparation suits best. While for the rest, preparation along with internship and regular practice is enough.
  • It is very difficult to manage all subjects in a short period of time. The syllabus for the exam is also not fixed.
  • Getting a seat in AIIMS PG is definitely a more difficult option than in NEET PG. For candidates having full faith, they should have a more refined and clear in-depth concept for the exams.

If you are dedicated from the beginning, it is very easy to secure a seat through any entrance exam. Having a proper strategy from the initial days is the key to success in every competitive stage.