Can someone simultaneously prepare for both AIIMS PG and NEET PG?

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Kaushal Sharma Jan 8, 2021
Former MBBS at All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi (2013-2018)

Yes, it is absolutely possible for someone to prepare for both AIIMS PG and NEET PG simultaneously. For that, there are a few points to consider which are stated below.

The following table states the recent seat count available from NEET PG and AIIMS PG.

Total Number of MD + MS + Diploma seats under NEET PG (Government + Private)


Total Number of MD+ MS+ Diploma Government seats under NEET PG


Total Number of MD + MS seats under AIIMS PG


Points to consider:

  • AIIMS PG entrance takes place in November, whereas the NEET PG entrance is in January. So, it’s very natural to get tired after appearing in AIIMS if the candidate has high hopes for AIIMS. Therefore, it’s better to take a break for at least a week or until the result comes, after which the candidate is sure about whether to prepare for NEET PG or not.
  • The syllabus and pattern for both AIIMS and NEET PG are the same. So, it will become easy for candidates to cover the entire course and practice accordingly.
  • The syllabus should be covered subject-wise and as planned in one’s own strategy.
  • After AIIMS is over, try to practice NEET PG mock tests in order to understand the pattern.
  • You must focus more on the core knowledge and a brief overview of the updates would be enough.

Do not feel stressed if you haven’t cleared AIIMS PG. You can give your best shot in NEET in a month's time and full-focus can do well. Having a similar structure and syllabus, both exams have a common way of preparation which needs to be covered at an early stage and the advanced preparation following it. So, simultaneous preparation is always possible.