How many marks do I need on the GCET to get into Goa Engineering College?

1 Answer

Ankita Mitra Jan 12, 2021

To get admission in GEC, you need to score marks above 70 in both mathematics and physics respectively. The cut off rank varies with branches and categories as well and the factors like competition, number of applications received, etc. also plays a big role in setting lower or higher cut off every year.

But a good rank under 200 will definitely help you grab a confirmed seat in one of your favorite branches of engineering in GEC. That’s the case when you are from the general category, if you are from any reserved category then the cut off rank might be lower for you. 

Here’s the list of cut off ranks which you need to have to get your dream branch - 

  • Rank under 150-200 will surely get you a seat in any branch in the first round itself.
  • A rank under 300 then you can apply for IT, ENE, ETC. 
  • Rank under 500 then you can go for civil branch.

So with the help of the list given above you can easily set your target score and prepare yourself to get into your preferred branches like Mechanical, Computer science, Electrical and others.