What is it like to be a graduate student in computer science at McGill University?

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anwita dhar January 13th, 2021

McGill University is an amazing place, specially as an international graduate. From its comparatively affordable fees to the amazing education and environment experience, it gives you one of the best experience out there. 
Situated in Montreal, McGill University is pretty organized and renowned among international students. It ranked #1 in Canada among clinical doctoral institutes for 15 continuous years by Maclean's University, and #35th as per QS News World University 2020 Ranking. It has 400+ courses through its many research environments and frameworks, thus popular among graduate students. 

The University has a general score of 58.5% in computer science engineering according to usnews.com. Computer Science at McGill University is a great choice due to its rankings and placements. Here are some factors that make it a great experience:

  • Placements: Microsoft being the major player in university recruitment, there are numerous good placement opportunities at McGill when compared to other similar universities in Canada. 
  • Location: Montreal is (economical) than Toronto or Vancouver, a $200 is sufficient to make you go (barring the lease) If you're an international student, at that point McGill is a promising alternative.
  • Diversity: Approximately 30% of the University students are international students, which means a lot of instant friends!
  • Campus Life: Free food, free tutorials on topics such as how to write your thesis, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Python are among the other programs. For students, the swimming pool at the McGill gym is accessible. Athletics, gymnastics, dancing, etc are among the amazing activities that McGill has to offer with a designated fee for the same. 

In short, McGill is a good option for international graduate students gearing up for their careers in Computer science. The University reported 6,318 undergraduate students and 2,387 graduate students for fall 2019, with an acceptance rate of about 41 percent, the career opportunities for a graduate student from computer science at McGill University are abundant.



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