What is your review of McGill University?

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mayank badhwar January 13th, 2021

McGill University is undoubtedly a good place with world-class facility. It is one of the leading universities in North America. It is very competitive and has a broad student support system. The University admits students from all over the globe so you won’t feel out of place here. There were various nationalities and many students communicating 2-4 languages.

On average, McGill graduates earn around 40,000 CAD to 108,000 CAD and are placed within 3-6 months of completing their studies. However, the support services for students and their administration staff might not meet your standards. Also, the atmosphere here can be a bit too intense because of their reputation and constant efforts to maintain their standing.

Admission wise, being one of Canada's highest-ranking universities, the GPA and admission criteria is also very high. It has an acceptance rate of 41%, an articulate essay and strong recommendations are important. It’s located in Montreal which is a splendid city with great restaurants, nightclubs, and world-class museums a stone's throw from it.

McGill is an excellent place providing lots of courses, financial help, facilities, and a good support system. There’s a wide variety of highly skilled faculty for pharmacy, psychology, healthcare, the business sector, sciences, education, engineering, music, arts, law, environmental and agriculture, computer sciences and many more.

The dorms are located near the hill and the lake, suitable for comfort in the autumn and spring and for skating and hot chocolate in the winter. Some of the sleeping places are situated next to the Mond Royal, the Montreal "Central Park" featuring footpaths, cycling pads, and skiing trails. The stunning mountains are within 2 hours for climbing and skiing. Students are crucial, lessons are rigorous.



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