What is it like to study physics at McGill University?

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shivam chaudhary January 13th, 2021

The subject is very challenging and will definitely push you to do better. Your problem-solving abilities will improve while you pursue this problem, sometimes requiring endless hours of deep thinking. In final year you will find all this helpful, especially when you pick up advanced subjects.

Homework and classes will take up most of your time and during exams, a crib sheet will be provided to you to solve problems that you have never heard of before. This is to give you a better foundation in all the major fields of your subject and might even cause a burnout. Still, with proper breaks and consistency you will definitely find it rewarding.

Learning Physics at McGill University is for the development of problem-solving skills. With intense activities and deep thought, you’d be engrossed in and cultivated by the subject. Faculties actively look for (talented/interested) students looking for research and internships. 



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