How do I get admission into Sheridan college?

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vidushi January 13th, 2021

Sheridan's International Center has a devoted group of experts that are prepared to help international students worldwide. The admission requirements are different for most Sheridan programs. You must meet the course requirements as stated, this could differ with factors like your country, english language requirements, work experience, LORs etc. Your eligibility will be determined by your previous academic experience, SOP, GPA, IELTS/TOEFL scores, work experience and recommendations. Some programs may require a resume or portfolio too.

There are no fixed deadlines so it's best that you apply at the earliest and keep a track of your program’s admission timeline. Once you get a letter of acceptance from Sheridan College, you will need to apply for a student visa in Canada. Here is the general admission procedure: 

  • Select Your Program from over 120 diplomate, degree, and graduate certificate program options.
  • Submit your Request by applying online. 
  • Submit your paperwork
    • Once you've submitted your application online, paid your application fee, and received a nine-digit Sheridan ID number, you can upload your documents.
  • Confirm your consent by logging into the Sheridan Application Portal to confirm your acceptance of the offer.
  • Pay your fees and apply for a Canadian visa to study in Canada.

Besides, the college has an acceptance rate of 65% for international students indicating it’s a great opportunity for those looking for diverse courses.



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