What is the difference between the syllabus of the BITSAT and the JEE?

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Sunil Sharma Jan 16, 2021

There are mainly 3 engineering entrance exams in India for candidates looking forward towards top engineering institutes in India. It includes JEE Main, JEE Advanced and BITSAT. Frankly speaking there isn’t much difference in the syllabus of all these entrance exams. The main difference is BITSAT focuses more on the candidate's speed and accuracy and on the other hand JEE focuses more on deep understanding of concepts. Furthermore BITSAT includes English & Logical Reasoning as well which is not the part of JEE. 


  • It is an online admission test to get enrolled in engineering courses in different BITS colleges.
  • It includes English and Logical Reasoning along with PCM.
  • A total of 150 and 12 extra questions are provided.
  • Only 2 attempts are given to clear BITSAT.
  • Direct Admission is given to Board Toppers.
  • Previous year’s questions are not available officially.

JEE Main and Advanced - 

  • JEE Main and Advanced are admission tests for engineering institutes like IIT, NIT, IISc, IISER, IIST, RGIPT, etc. Candidates need to appear in JEE Main to qualify for JEE Advanced.
  • It only consists of PCM questions.
  • No extra questions provided.
  • Candidates can clear JEE Main in 3 and JEE Advanced in 2 attempts.
  • Previous year’s question papers are easily available for practice. 

JEE is slightly tougher than BITSAT as candidates need to have thorough knowledge of physics, chemistry and mathematics subjects. The set time for any BITSAT candidate to mark the right answer is approx 72 second which is about 2 min in JEE. So if you’re preparing for JEE then you’ll automatically cover all BITSAT syllabus as well, but keep it in mind that you need to prepare for English & Logical Reasoning as well and for that you need to plan your time table accordingly.