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Which exam is much tougher IBPS PO or IBPS SO?

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karan luthra January 16th, 2021

The answer to this question is which exam is much tougher IBPS PO or IBPS SO, vary from candidate to candidate and even there are factors like competition, specialization and knowledge which decides the success in both exams. Any graduate candidate can apply for IBPS PO, but for IBPS SO a candidate needs to have specialization in particular fields for which they are applying. 

There are a huge number of applications received every year for IBPS PO and generally a candidate is placed in fields like Planning, Credit, Operations,Administration etc after clearing IBPS Po. Whereas IBPS SO candidates after clearing the exams posted in specific fields like IT officer for IT Department, Agriculture Officer for Rural Department and vice versa.

The reason behind higher competition in IBPS PO is due to these reasons - 

  • In order to get the post of SO a candidate compulsorily need to have a specific Educational degree in fields like IT, MBA or Agriculture etc. due to specific requirements of this particular job. But for PO only graduation is required which simply increases competition in PO and attracts more candidates to apply for the same.
  • There are a limited number of seats for SO which is upto higher levels only. While for IBPS PO the opportunities are infinite in different sectors which includes banking as well. That’s why candidates prefer to clear IBPS PO and explore the endless career opportunities. 

So both IBPS SO and IBPS PO are exams of the same level, the only difference is the candidate's interest in it. Full dedication, hard work, right guidance and better preparation can help candidates clear both the exams with ease be it IBPS PO or IBPS SO.



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