Which one is good for a B.Pharm, GLA Mathura or PSIT Kanpur?

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asmita khandelwal January 20th, 2021

GLA university is better than PSIT Kanpur. One of my relatives is doing her B pharm from there. According to her, the placements are very good there. It not only provides good placements but there is a lot more than just this. 

The table below shows a brief overview of the colleges:


GLA Mathura

PSIT Kanpur

Course Fee

5.85 lakh

6.01 lakh

Placement Percentage



Highest CTC


4.10 LPA

Average CTC


2.20-3 LPA

Recruiting Companies

Bharat Serums and Vaccines, Cadila.

Cryobank International, Ipca Laboratories, Ranbaxy.


  • The faculty here are really good, supportive, hardworking and always helpful. 
  • The teachers are keen to teach and do a really good job to interest the students in subjects. 
  • Some of them also provide us with notes and study material.


  • The computer labs and classrooms are well maintained with 50–60 computers with various Operating systems and configurations to support all kinds of software.
  •  If you’re hard working then the teachers will guide you till the very end and bring out the best in you. 
  • GLA provides a good environment for research work that can go a long way in your overall career and development. 

Placements for the last few years of B Pharm have gone very well. Students have got very good career opportunities and jobs. To conclude, GLA mathura is better than PSIT kanpur.



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