If in ABV-IIITM, not every one is coding, then what are other people doing and targeting for?

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supriya sarkar January 25th, 2021

One of my friends who was a student of AB IIITM has described his journey throughout the course. Following are the points highlighted below.

  • In the 1st year, very few students have an idea of what is to be done. Students pursuing IT mostly have no prior knowledge of the stream and no one guided them throughout.
  • Students usually spent most of their useful time playing games like CS, watching movies, casual group discussions, etc.
  • After the 1st year, most students don’t attend classes with the perception that classes are of no use, and good marks can be easily achieved.
  • The actual impact starts in the 3rd year. Serious, hard-working candidates go for internships. Seeing them, average students either start coding and the others start preparation for government jobs (those who think coding is not their cup of tea).
  • There is a problem among students that they underestimate themselves in the beginning. Some of them set their target towards only selective companies like TCS, Infosys, etc, which have an easy process of selection. This is a big mistake, in which students assume that companies like Microsoft and Samsung are meant only for a specific set of students. Eventually, students having such an assumption don’t work hard and prepare only for certain companies selectively.
  • Some of these students, having such wrong perceptions fail to achieve their goal due to this lack of proper guidance and understanding.

Preparing for two years is enough for you to get a decent job, and no difficult coding skill is mandatory. Preparation can be taken in any domain. At the same time, enjoying college life is extremely important because it is generally the end of the glorious student life, and is to be missed afterward. So, do not set your goal low, and try to enjoy your college years.



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