Which college should I choose, SGSITS Indore or IIITM Gwalior for computer science?

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geetanshu sachdeva January 25th, 2021

Among the above two institutes, SGSITS is a good institute for computer science in terms of reputation, placement, and learning opportunities.

The table below gives a brief comparison of the two institutes.



IIITM Gwalior

NIRF ’20 Rank



Total Fees (B.Tech)

4.11 Lakhs

5.4 Lakhs

Average package offered

6-8 LPA (approx)

7 LPA (approx)

Key Highlights - SGSITS:

  • Being an older college, SGSITS has a greater reputation than IIITM Gwalior.
  • Several students of SGSITS are now currently working on top MNCs like Amazon, Microsoft, SAP, Deloitte, etc, and they are mostly from CS & IT branches.
  • The overall placement of Computer Science is almost 100% in the recent years, with annual packages ranging from several lakhs to a few per annum.
  • The exposure and environment in SGSITS are much better, with a lot of events happening throughout the year. It has a much more sensitive crowd and provides a better learning opportunity.
  • There are many alumni with 2 digits all-India rank in GATE, which is a great motivation.
  • Indore has all kinds of facilities for tuitions and coaching for GATE, CAT, or GRE are easily available.

Overall, SGSITS is a decent Institute for Computer Science and above all, Indore is a better city to live in.



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