Is NIT Warangal better than IIT Bhubaneswar?

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Deepika Kunwar Jan 29, 2021

One of my friends is pursuing his Electrical Engineering from IIT Bhubaneswar. He had the cutoff required for CS at NIT Warangal but chose IIT Bhubaneswar instead. Although IIT Bhubaneswar is a still developing institute than NIT Warangal but still let’s look upon some points to contrast between these colleges.


  • In terms of infrastructure and laboratories, IIT Bhubaneswar does have many labs for all the students under graduation, post-graduation, and Ph.D. The labs are well-equipped to carry out the course works. 
  • At the undergraduate level, you do not need to do fundamental research works. You will work under the professors researching in various fields. 

So, even though IIT Bhubaneswar is a new institute, it can certainly offer the required amenities.

Student Crowd:

For the quality of students to be compared, IIT Bhubaneswar has students between 1000 and 6000 JEE Advanced rank holders which are definitely better than the group of students in NIT Warangal.


IIT Bhubaneswar has less experienced faculty but they have immense knowledge. If approached, they clear all the doubts and help in all the academic-related works.


  • IIT Bhubaneswar has witnessed increasing placements in recent years. 
  • Currently, NIT Warangal is ahead for the placement section due to the vast alumni base. 
  • But you should not choose an institute purely based on placement statistics. A good placement record does not guarantee you will get a good job offer too. Also, placements depend a lot on how you perform during the placement process.

Extra-Curricular Activities:

  • IIT Bhubaneswar does have activities and fests and cultural events but these events in NIT Warangal have fests that are much bigger and recognized than IIT Bhubaneswar. 
  • In the Inter-IIT meets and competitions, IIT Bhubaneswar secured ranks under the top 6 institutes among all 23 institutes participating in the meet.


There are upcoming events planned for the sports in the coming years in IIT Bhubaneswar but there are no such great facilities now as compared to NIT Warangal.

For postgraduate courses, i.e. Masters or PhDs NIT Warangal is a great option. However, undergraduate students do not benefit much from the research happening and other accomplishments of old reputed institutes like NIT Warangal. So, for an undergraduate degree, IIT Bhubaneswar is better than NIT Warangal.