Which one is better, an M.A. in Education (Elementary) from TISS or from Azim Premji University?

1 Answer

Bhawna Vedwal Feb 1, 2021

Tata Institute of Social Science (TISS) offers M.H.A, PGD, MA, B.Ed courses. Azim Premji University offers BA, MA, L.L.M, B.Sc. courses. A friend of mine recommended M.A in Education from Azim Premji University(APU) as it is better, considering various aspects: 

  • Faculty: Azim Premji University includes faculty from all over the world. Eminent educationists like Aman Madan, ex faculty of TISS and Rohit Dhankar are now part of the renowned faculty of APU.
  • Infrastructure: Both the universities are well known for their state of the art infrastructure, with the APU campus being a marvel in progress and will have an even more of a competitive edge against other universities.
  • Diversity: The geographic diversity among students is well matched in both TISS and APU, with their campuses being colloquially dubbed as “Mini India”. On one hand, TISS focuses more on reservation and representation from each state and a majority of the urban student population. On the other hand, APU encompasses an urban to rural student population ratio of 50:50.
  • Field Connection: The Field experience in both institutes are considered exemplary. TISS is known for giving the field exposure of working in various NGOs, experience of working in rural areas and slums whereas APU gives field experience at NGOs as well as at Azim Premji Foundation, an umbrella body for all NGOs.
  • Financial Support: At TISS, financial assistance is provided on the basis of reservation and APU provides financial assistance on the basis of economic status. Economic status is confirmed through a field visit by a team of APU to the student’s home to confirm their candidature for financial support. At APU, all students in need of financial support can avail scholarships and also many students take up side jobs to earn extra money while pursuing studies. 

In conclusion, TISS is known for its legacy of many famous social workers, but APU is favoured now by those who are education oriented.