What happens at Azim Premji University Interviews?

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Yashmeet Grover Feb 1, 2021

Azim Premji university is a private, non-profit institution with affiliation from UGC. It offers BA, MA, L.L.M, B.Sc. courses. According to a cousin’s experience, interviews at Azim Premji University are a pleasant experience. 

  • Your Passion for your subject of interest needs to be expressed evocatively to the interviewer. The personal interaction between the interviewer and you, helps them understand your ability to contribute towards social impact and also to judge your capacity to handle the academically challenging masters program. 
  • The types of questions that can be asked in such personal interactions are:
  • “What do you like to read about?”
  • “Any history of involvement in voluntary activities?”
  • “Any Community engagement with regard to social issues? etc. to tell a few.”
  • The interviewer uses ice breaker questions about family background to make the candidate feel at ease. Also, these questions are asked to know more about your financial background and whether you are in need of any monetary support. 
  • All their questions are aided with the motive to know you better as a candidate with their own unique set of personalities and interests. 

There should be crystal clarity in your mind as a candidate about your course; you need to analyse your choice and decision to pursue this course, the inspiration behind your decision and the source of your motivation to delve into this field even further for example.

Be clear about what the job entails and your expectations from the experience.

The answer to the most important question of “why?” Behind your decision to pursue your choices, will give you a clear cut advantage.