Who can rate CAT, XAT, SNAP, IIFT, MICAT, TISS, or NMAT in terms of difficulty level?

1 Answer

Janvi Bhambri Feb 1, 2021

Among all these examinations, XAT is most difficult, followed by CAT. The difficulty level of the exams, in descending order (most difficult to easy) is XAT> CAT> IIFT> SNAP> TISS> NMAT.

Now, let us dive into a detailed analysis behind the assigned ranks and the difficulty level.


  • The questions asked in IIFT are a mixture of moderate and difficult. 
  • The struggle lies in the attainment of marks within the cut-off range, both total cut-off and individual section cut-off. 
  • Therefore, the students have no option but to perform exceedingly well in all sections, GK included. 
  • The acceptance rate of IIFT is comparably low, only 400 students get admitted out of 50000 students.


  • The entrance exam is easy but the tough part is to score marks that will be eligible for admission into Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, or SCHMID branch. 
  • These are the branches which are of good quality, unlike the rest of them.


  • The exam pattern of TISS is easy but the GK section is the most dangerous part among them. 
  • The questions asked in the GK section comprise both general knowledge and current affairs, therefore the portions are cover is endless.


  • NMAT exam can be successfully cleared with proper preparation. The questions asked are conceptually based. 
  • No negative marks are given for wrong answers, hence the students are free to attempt all the questions fearlessly. 

MICAT is pretty easy. If you want a career in brand marketing and advertising it is necessary. 

Therefore, from the above discussion, you can estimate the logic behind ranking the difficulty level of exams.