How do I update my basic GK for exams like the NID and CEED?

1 Answer

Sourav Rathi Feb 2, 2021
M.Des from National Institute of Design (2019)

NID and CEED are national level entrance exams for design programmes, held by National Institute of Design and IIT Bombay respectively. The syllabus for both the exams is lengthy and comprehensive, the common one being the general knowledge portion. 

Now, the general knowledge topic is vast and challenging so here are some tips for preparing for the topic:

  • Try to read and stay up to date with regional and national news. Cover all the subtopics such as politics, technology, sports, cultural, environment and social issues. All the subtopics are pertinent and require extensive reading.
  • Try to be observant and engaging with your surrounding. The best way to do so is to use your camera, you must capture things and objects that interest you. 
  • Read important editorials published in popular newspapers like The Hindu, The Times of India and Hindustan Times to know more about relevant social and political issues.
  • Read basic general knowledge facts related to subjects like history, geography and science. Try to cover and explore the cultural and regional history of India. You should have a basic knowledge about the art, cultural and handicraft of each Indian state if you want to crack the exams.

General Knowledge is a vast subject and the best way to prepare is to read newspapers, editorials and solve questions related to general knowledge.