What are the advantages of NDA over CDS and AFCAT exams?

1 Answer

Rohan Singh Feb 19, 2021
Delhi University (2018)

It is actually the other way around. CDS and AFCAT have more advantages over NDA. Some of the advantages of NDA are as follows.

  • In the academy, Sainik school types perform quite well.Also, you will have many senior pals there.
  • You will learn the military way of life quite early.
  • Through NDA, you can become an officer fast. Provided you join after 12th.
  • You start early in NDA, so you get to serve the maximum tenure. This ensures that you will be around when the candidates are considered for promotion. This is the reason why NDA guys make it to the very top.
  • There are certain aspects of psychological conditioning that go with 3 years of NDA. You can expect NDA guys to outperform CDS and AFCAT guys. 

In NDA, Govt. pays for your graduation. So, your graduation is basically free. You become financially independent at a young age. You are also molded into the system early.