How restricted/conservative is life at BIMTECH Noida?

1 Answer

Jaya Garg Feb 19, 2021

BIMTECH is one the famous Business schools in our country and offers hostel facilities for both male and female students.

Entry Timings:

For female students:

The female students of both 1st year and 2nd year live at the hostel and are required to enter the hostel by 7:30 PM during summer season and by 6:30 PM during winter season. If in some situation, they get late then they have to write an email to the hostel warden describing their reason for being late and take permission.

For male students:

The entry timing for male students at hostel is 9 PM because their hostel is around 1.5 km away from the college. It can take some more time to reach the hostel. However, if they get late in any case, they too have to write an email to their hostel warden describing the reason and take permission.

Smoking and Alcohol:

Smoking and consumption of alcohol are prohibited inside the campus and if someone is found in any of these situations then he/she will have to pay a fine to the college. They also might need to vacate the hostel.


All the students are required to maintain an attendance of 60%. If someone's attendance is below the required percentage then he/she may not be able to sit in exams.


All the students are required to be well dressed and wear decent clothes to the premises and avoid wearing shorts. This rule is in place because many faculties live on campus.


The professors here are very friendly. If students have any doubts or want to talk about something they can easily get to the professors and have a conversation.

Some of the facts discussed below can make the institute seem restrictive. Your overall experience at the institute will be great. There are many events, and extracurricular activities, conducted around the academic year which you can enjoy.